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At a very young age I was immersed in travel from my parents (sitting through many a slide show and film reel of their adventures in Europe in the 60’s!!) This ignited my own 3 year OE and enjoying my experiences more as a local than a tourist. After 18 years with Air New Zealand Holidays I am now relishing being a broker for the Travel Managers family and  experiencing new travel adventures with my own family.  I can plan both leisure and corporate travel, whatever your requirements may be.

I’m a travel expert in.... All of Europe including Russia & Scandinavia, Africa, Canada Skiing & USA, Vietnam, China, Bali, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, many of the Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

My favourite destination would have to be Italy for the food!

My best travelling experience includes: Lots of laughs, great memories and getting to know the locals. I enjoy the research of any destination and make sure myself and customers are getting the best options possible.

I am available by appointment Mon – Fri from 3-5pm or email and phone during normal business hours.

My Top Tip: Don’t forget to never travel without...Earplugs and a long lasting battery for the camera! Also an open-minded attitude helps immensely, especially when you encounter a ‘drama’, no matter how big or small there is bound to be one on a holiday and being able to go with the flow always helps.

I look forward to planning your next adventure with you!