Our Insurance

An integral part of planning any trip is ensuring you protect yourself against the unexpected. Travel Managers Group highly recommends you ensure you have adequate insurance cover when travelling, and we recommend our preferred insurance provider QBE.  This should be purchased at the time you pay for your travel arrangements to ensure you have cover from the start. Travel Insurance is the same as Car Insurance... would you drive a new car off the lot without first getting insurance? No! So don't book your travel without doing the same.

You can book online or discuss your options in more detail with your preferred travel specialist. Remember Travel Insurance is just as important as your airfares and accommodation!

We believe it is important to give you the choice and flexibility in travel insurance that best suits your needs. The following are some of the standard policy available:

Leisure Travel Insurance

Leisure International  - For single international trips.

Budget International - Limited cover for the price conscious traveller.

Frequent Traveller - Unlimited trips in a 12 month period. (maximum duration of 60 days each trip)

Business Travel Insurance

Executive International  - For single international business trips.

Executive Annual Multi Trip  - Business cover for unlimited trip in a 12-month period. (maximum duration of 60 days each trip)

Inbound Travel Insurance

Discover New Zealand - For non residents of NZ to travel within NZ on a temporary basis. (including to Australia or South Pacific for up to 31 days)

For more information and product purchasing please contact your preferred travel specialist.